Pyro's Combusken is the third Pokémon obtained by Pyro. He recieved from Prof. Birch in the Pokémon Storms series.


Torchic is known to be playful and friendly due to its cheerful and timid character.


Pyro chooses this Pokémon in The Invincible Rival! where he sends out the Chick Pokémon to save Prof. Birch from a couple of Zigzagoon attacking him. He was then used during the battle against Chase's Mudkip and loses simultaneously.

Known MovesEdit

Moves First used in
Peck The Invincible Rival!
Quick Attack + The Invincible Rival!
Flamethrower + The Invincible Rival!
Dig + A Ralts of Trance
Fire Spin A Ralts of Trance
Double Kick + Unknown


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