Pyro is the main character in the series Pokémon Storms. He is an excellent Pokémon Trainer who likes to battle for the fun of it. He is currently on a journey to reach his goals; one to become the Hoenn League Champion; the other is to find and search for the legendary Eon Pokémon: Latios.

His first Pokémon were a Swellow and a Lotad, both given to him during his childhood; his starter Pokémon was a Torchic that he recieved from Professor Birch.


Pyro is a brave, headstrong, and confident Pokémon Trainer who gets easily distracted due to his dream of becoming the Pokémon Champion.


In the PastEdit

Pyro was born in Oldale Town, Hoenn. When he was a younger child, he admired Pokémon Trainer Rald and started his own goal; to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the Hoenn region. After meeting with him, his idol gives him a Taillow and a Lotad for training.


On HandEdit

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Swellow is one of Pyro's first Pokémon that was obtained in Hoenn. Swellow is a fierce and stubborn fighter with powerful aerial skills and always keeps its guard up. It is also extremely loyal to Pyro since it was raised as a Taillow.

Swellow's known moves are Peck, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, and Aerial Ace, and its Ability is Guts.

Lombre is one of Pyro's first Pokémon that he owned as a Lotad. Lombre appeared to be both curious and timid who dozes off much often. As a Lotad, it would sometimes jump up and attack its trainer to show how tough it could be in a battle. After its evolution in Lombre Luxury, Lombre became more serious and happy Pokémon than before and battled with more pride.

Lombre's known moves are Water Gun, Razor Leaf, Nature Power, and Synthesis, and its Ability is Swift Swim.

Main Article: Pyro's Combusken

Combusken is the starter Pokémon that Pyro recieves from Prof. Birch in Litteroot Town as a Torchic. It is known to be timid and playful at times due to its friendly and cheerful character. In battle, it fights aggressively by using its flames to scorch the opponent with powerful flames. After evolving, Combus- ken has become a more powerful and agile fighter who's skills are unmatched for an opponent.

Aron is the fourth Pokémon that Pyro caught in Hoenn. He was caught by Pyro in Super-Assault Breloom, where it was attacked by a group of wild Breloom near the Petalburg Woods. He is known to be very aggressive, attacking anybody who would force it into a frenzy rampage. Aron is also known to be a good battler who likes to use a mix between attack and defense to defeat its opponent.

Aron's known moves are Headbutt, Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, and Iron Defense, and his Ability is Sturdy.

Gym BadgesEdit

Hoenn LeagueEdit


  • Pyro's name may be a reference to fire or flames.

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